The Grading Game is an addictive action word game centered around the pursuit of grammar and spelling errors. Levels take the form of students' papers, with a fresh set of errors generated for each play. Meanwhile, the papers themselves cover the most interesting and unusual topics, from the history of ramen to actual historical occurrences of raining cats and dogs!

Target Audience

  • Anyone who has raged over "alot" or an improper use of an apostrophe.
  • Those of us whose grades have suffered under the over-eager eye of teachers and their assistants.
  • Literate folk of all ages who like a quick action-word-puzzle-y fix.
  • People who like learning weird and unusual facts. Get your TIL fix while improving your writing!

Key Features

The Grading Game is universal across the iPhone, the iPhone 5, and the iPad. Correcting-for-profit couldn't be easier: just tap the spelling snafus and watch the letters fly!

  • The arcade QUICKPLAY mode presents increasingly difficult levels as players race for cash to pay down their student loans.
  • The CAREER mode offers a topic-by-topic progression through an academic career, with unlockable levels and multiple stage types.
  • Players can hone their skills in the PRACTICE mode, where they can focus on a specific kind of error, on a specific type of level.
  • Errors are generated randomly, drawn from the most statistically common mistakes found by copyeditors. Uncaught errors are promoted, and caught errors are omitted to keep the challenge fresh!
  • More than 100 levels, ranging from illegal numbers to Kim Jong Il's hairstyle!
  • Addictive, casual gameplay -- levels take approximately 30-45 seconds, and the game can be played while holding onto the bus!


The Grading Game was conceived during a "game jab" that encouraged participants to create a first person shooter, a la "Call of Duty". Rather than create yet another violent action game, we envisioned a game where a pen substitutes the gun. Instead of shooting marauding aliens, the player would "shoot" grammar and spelling errors. We called that prototype "First Person Tutor", and we liked it so much that we decided to make a full game experience around the idea. The Grading Game is the result!


Email me with questions, bugs, and/or requests at cj [at] modeofx [dot] com.

Bonus Screenshots

Here are links to the screenshots seen on the iTunes App store.

Here are some more full-resolution Retina screenshots.
  • iPhone/retina:
  • iPhone 5:
  • iPad retina:


That prototype received a modest amount of press by curious blogs.

  • Rock, Paper, Shotgun: The Best of the 7 Day FPS - "Cater to the whims of a power-mad professor...incredibly simple, but oddly satisfying."
  • Jay Is Games - "the concept is so unique, and the presentation so polished for a Game Jam work, that players will be surprised how fun it is to get a high score by giving out low ones."
  • - " it is super addictive, and makes you want to hear the insane professor crack up at giving out a terrible grade."
  • - "First Person Tutor turns the humble red pen into a weapon of vengeance."